First of all, complete disclosure. I have never lived in Mayfair, and I don’t currently live in Malibu. I hope you will forgive me for my slight over generalisation. I just decided that Rugby to Redondo – despite having a certain alliterative quality, didn’t sound quite as catchy or glamorous.

So how did I get to this point?

This time last year I was living in my tiny, terrace house in Rugby with my wonderful boyfriend Nic. I was working long hours as a primary school teacher, a job I gave my heart and soul to. Then Nic began to receive emails about a job prospect in Los Angeles – USA. To begin with neither of us were sure how seriously to take the possibility – the car industry is very fickle, and this was the third or fourth time that year he had been approached from companies overseas. However as time went on it became clear that this was a very real, very exciting possibility for Nic to play a crucial role in a start-up electric car company. He flew over for the interview, and smashed it; leaving me prouder than I have ever been of anyone.

Two days after I returned to work after the Christmas break, Nic left for the states.

Leaving me in a state.

For six long months we managed a long distance relationship, across different time zones, whilst both maintaining very different, yet equally stressful jobs. I flew to LAX every school break, meaning for six months I was permanently jet lagged, and my medium term plans for teaching were non-existent. I was able to find an apartment that suited us both, met new friends, and slowly grew accustomed to beach living. When summer finally arrived I attended my visa interview, packed up our lives, and booked my first ever one way trip.

Three months in and I have adjusted fairly well – despite being an anxious, sarcastic pale English bookworm who stands out like a sore thumb. The sunshine, sushi, sea, sand and chardonnay are hard to knock; and after teaching full time for two years this still feels like a welcome, and well needed break.

Did I forget to mention that I can’t work here?

This was almost a deal breaker.

My visa restrictions mean I cannot accept any paid employment whilst I’m in America, and am entirely dependent on Nic. Anyone who knows me, knows that this doesn’t exactly sit easily with me. This opportunity was too good however, not only for him, but for both of us. This is his time, and in future I am sure that the roles will be reversed. So I have been given the luxury of time, something I’m not used to having.

Certain things I have to do, like furnishing the apartment, and learning to drive. Certain things I would be advised to do, such as creating a healthier lifestyle for myself, keeping busy by volunteering, and creating contacts in the hopes that one day I can work here. Other things I just want to do – such as get a tattoo, learn to paddle board, and write.

So I shall use this blog to keep you posted on the LA adventures of a quintessentially English girl, still unable to tan, embarrassing herself at yoga, finding British humour isn’t exactly universal, and frequently getting lost somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway.