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From the blackboard to the beach.


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A love letter to women.

She was lightning in a bottle, an enigmatic smile…


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International Women’s Day – 2017


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Three misconceptions I had about LA.

Firstly, I am sure not everyone has the same misconceptions I did about Los Angeles, and I am in no way meaning to cause offense with my views. This is just a light-hearted, tongue in cheek look, at the worries I had moving from the UK to LA, and how happily I was proved wrong.

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Women’s March

It has been incredibly hard trying to navigate the difficult, uncharted waters of the US election, as a newcomer to the country, a liberal, and a feminist. One event which helped me to realise that hope was not lost however, and that I was surrounded by like-minded people was the Downtown LA women’s march. Standing in a crowd of tens of thousands of women, men and children all protesting peacefully, and refusing to give up their long fought for rights, was empowering and humbling.


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I am undoubtedly and unapologetically a feminist.


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Why should a woman?

Why should women be seen, seen and not heard?
What are these lines, and why are they blurred?

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An open letter to America (UK you listen in too…)

For the second time in 2016 I find myself shocked, confused and heartbroken.


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A Paper Plane


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